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Pegam - Technologies&Solutions since 1970


PEGAM LTD. is a company that specializes in mechanical installations and industrial and civil electrical systems. Created as a company in 1970, then subsequently in 1978 into a general partnership and then in 1994 transformed into a limited liability company; already operating all over Italy with the start of the first overseas works, today with an excellent achievement and an ever increasing presence in various countries of the world.
The outstanding professional ability and the continued search for quality and satisfaction for our clients, has allowed us to create a solid structure based on the preparation and ability of our work force.

By applying a company policy of continual updating by the engineers, specialist technicians and with highly qualified personnel, we are able to effectively adapt to the market, and understand better the global market which is in continual evolution.

  • Having at our disposal a relevant operative structure, with  seats equipped with specific infrastructures and modern means of transport. We have availed ourselves with  high quality technical-instrumental resources and we occupy an extremely high organic specialization that allows us to obtain production results superior to the average. The principal characteristic that  distinguishes the business is certainly our dependability and  correctness. Quality is guaranteed by the employment of solutions and  avant-garde products which allow us to obtain, at the same time, secure and functional installations. By our professional  competence, adding to and adjusting our knowledge and experience to the subject, guaranteeing the highest standard of quality sought in design, realization, and  maintenance, implementing them with quality systems according to the laws in force.
  • He result is a company that  operates seriously and professionally, guaranteeing dependability for all its products and services carried out. We put forward ourselves to the national and international markets as plant installers for industrial and civil electrical mechanical systems and have as our objective: the supply of services such as the design, realization and maintenance of systems pertaining to the sectors, the execution of  the work up to the final inspection, promoting a policy of quality innovation and competitive solutions at a fair price.


Team contact

  • piero.rossi@pegam.it
  • Mr. ALESSANDRO ROSSI - Director
  • alessandro.rossi@pegam.it
  • Mr. ANDREA ROSSI - Deputy Director
  • andrea.rossi@pegam.it
  • Mrs. ANNALISA ROSSI - Board directors

    Means to entrust your work to a business that for more than 45 years has had a great deal of experience in the areas of industrial and civil installations, our true point of strength. To choose PEGAM, also means to choose a work group, speaking professionally, already planned for the future and capable of confronting undertakings and challenges at whatever level. Such as that concluded at EXPO 2015. We would also like to say, to trust the technology of GREEN ECONOMY is to be attentive to safeguarding the environment.