Pegam -Technical installations for oenological use

PEGAM SRL a company specialising in mechanical and electric installations, started in 1970, and today operates all over Italy and overseas, in line
with strategic changes of its clients, undertaking specialized routes towards various industrial sectors developing new work and maintenance
proposals, thus turning its professional and engineering ability to facilitate and conservation production of the final products. Obviously, given
the area they belong, has undergone careful attention in the oenological sector mostly industrialized as where the traditional cellars evolve,
increasing quantity, range and quality of the products offered, has necessitated a qualitative and efficient process as well as having a major
architectural requirement and sophisticated design.
So after having already acquired and realized important works in the construction of generic mechanical installations, it has started to also
realize electric and special installations, treatment of fluids and of the environment according to the sanitary rules in the field of food, working
with raw materials partially-worked and finished products, security in the work environment and saving energy.

Barricaded environments and climatic cellars with precision control of temperature and humidity necessary for the maceration – controlled
fermentation, drying, malolactic and further cycles post fermentation – refining in wood – refining in glass and other materials.

Installations and illumination systems both scenic and utilitarian, management of intelligent systems for the functioning and saving of energy.